Nice Family Consultants

Nice Family Consultants commitment to good causes

We firmly believe in the the need to channel some our profit to help others.

As a consequence of our personal experiences and passions we have selected two charities that our company sponsors:

  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Albery Dog Rescue

Macmillan Cancer Support

Many people will have heard about Macmillan Cancer Support and appreciate the tremendous work that they do nationally.  What is probably less understood is the balance between national and local fundraising and the massive contribution made by local volunteers both individually and in organised groups.  We are both involved in local fundraising within the Bedford area and sit on the Bedford Fundraising Group.  We also contribute from the companies perspective to this necessary cause.

Albery Dog Rescue

Albery Dog Rescue is a local rescue centre run primarily by Beryl Griffiths.  She has a small team of volunteers who assist by fostering dogs and fundraising.

We currently have two rescue dogs, one of which we adopted through Albery, and we recognise the contribution Beryl and the rescue makes in providing a home for dogs, in particular a number that may be destroyed by other 'charities'.

Beryl always has a number of dogs that need a caring home and the Albery website provide a list of many of these.

Phoebe - one of our rescued dogs